Shadow boxes

207447126555235711_XhUDXGUU_c 209698926368941546_pEkFH8ZR_c 209698926369222696_2lg5IYDo_c 212513676136153814_VFLSnNZr_c 223913412692806895_OuteM55G_c 235383517994013473_xg86wWS2_c 248049891945776546_6XN4e1M7_c 248049891945784770_Q4eqVHXR_c 250864641712855385_9qRF5Rf0_c 261560690828019151_En1sWjXV_c 273171533617389001_Gz9WLHEj_c 286400857522651631_N1romOJe_c cornell.cockatoo-corks cornell_habitat-group cornellparrot-juan-gris Fig_14_a grid


One thought on “Shadow boxes

  1. I love shadow boxes! They look amazing. Have a couples of drawers on the side that I want to hang on the wall to try and create the same effect. Not sure how to come up with the sections inside though… Any ideas? 🙂

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