Pier Cordier



Born Brussels, 1933

Pierre Cordier discovered the ‘chemigram’ process in 1956. Over many years, he has explored the potential of the chemigram like an experimental scientist.

Working more like a painter or printmaker than a photographer, Cordier replaces the canvas or printing plate with photographic paper. He applies photographic developer to the paper to create dark areas and fixer for lighter tones. Further changes to shape and pattern are made by ‘localising’ products such as varnish, wax, glue, oil, egg and syrup. These protect the surface of the photographic emulsion or can be incised to create a drawing, graphic motif or written text. Entrancing chemical and physical reactions can then be made by repeatedly dipping the paper in photographic developer and fixer.

This method allows him to create images impossible to realise by any other means. The process has become the artwork and his style is his technique.


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